The School on orbit equivalence and related fields is a meeting that will focus on orbit equivalence and different aspects from Topological Dynamics and Ergodic Theory.

The school will be oriented to graduate students and researchers, and the program will consist of mini-courses and talks.

It will be held from the 1th of december to the 5th of december 2014, at the Departamento de Matemática y Ciencia de la Computación of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

Organizing Committee:       José Aliste (Universidad Andrés Bello),
                                              Daniel Coronel (Universidad Andrés Bello),
                                              María Isabel Cortez (Universidad de Santiago de Chile),
                                              Michael Schraudner (Universidad de Chile).

Remark: During the two weeks after the School, two other conferences will take place in Santiago: "Information and Randomness 2014" (from December 8th to 12th) and " Symbolic dynamics on (finitely presented) groups" (from December 15th to 19th).